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An unprecedented survey designed to portrait a whole generation
A unique survey aiming at drawing the portrait of a generation.

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Questions on every issue. Or at least, the most important ones. Answer the questions and compare your answers to what others answered in real time.
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the Portrait

Even if you haven't answered the survey, you may consult answers to every single question.
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To you, the unity of Arab nations is
50 %
A historical illusion
32 %
A necessary construction
12 %
The only project for the future
6 %
A system of domination
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the Arab world

The survey ask the same question to all the participating countries. Thanks to the map, you can compare the answers from each country.
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There's too much violence
0 %
0 %

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Young Arabs and the army: a strong bond

The Arab youth’s relationship to the army is one of Generation What’s first surprises. The survey now counts 4,500 respondents and is starting to reveal strong indicators. Once again, at this stage of our project, we can only speak here of “trends” rather than “results”.

As we noticed in a previous trend note, 63% of young Arabs say they “trust the army” in their country: 66% in Algeria, 58% in Morocco, up to 74% in Tunisia, and 72% in Lebanon (we could not ask this qu…

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Trust in whom? The army!

The Generation What? survey keeps revealing new surprises. It aims at enabling young people aged from 18 to 34 years old to answer a questionnaire that draws the portrait of their generation throughout the world.

The survey was launched a month ago in 8 Arab countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon). We’re still at the very beginning of the project, as our investigation will continue developing over the next six months. We have to be careful …

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The education system, the Arab youth’s n°1 concern

Only recently launched in 5 countries of the Arab world (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon), Generation What?’s campaign has already revealed surprising results.

Generation What? allows millennials, the generation aged from 18 to 34 years old, to draw the portrait of their generation, country by country, through an online questionnaire of over 150 questions, written by an international team of sociologists.

When looking at the answers to “What are the three issues …

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